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2013 Events + Schedule

2012 RCRO Steeplechase Champions!


Click Here for printable forms:

 2013 Routt County Redneck Olympics Schedule

 RCRO Entry Form- fill it out and bring it with you, or just show up and enter


2013 Routt County Redneck Olympics Schedule of Events:

FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2013
    8 pm- Redneck  Torch  Relay
Beginning at the top of Hospital Hill, in what will surely become a time-honored tradition, an assortment of redneck torch bearers will do their best to look inspiring as they run down the hill, relaying the “Evil Kenevil Flame of Fire” through the heart of downtown Hayden, possibly detouring at several local watering holes, and finishing up at the RCRO Bonfire of Rednecked Glory at the Fairgrounds.  Everyone is welcome to participate and there will be music and entertainment by the Official Voice of the Redneck Olympics, Mr. Rodney McGowen.

All events will take place at the Routt County Fairgrounds in Hayden, CO, condensed this year in front of the grandstands, in the track and arena. The Skybar  Beer Garden, vendors, and food will be right there too!

  •  9-10am || Lawnmower Triathlon
    Highlighting the ingenuity of those with copious amounts of time to trick out their riding lawnmowers, the Lawnmower Triathlon is composed of 3 challenges: Raw Speed, Obstacle Course Agility, and a Weight Pull. Call Travis Mathey at 970-846-9454 for rules and entry info.
  • 10:00am-2:30pm || Hayden Horseshoes
    We didn’t realize how popular this event was going to be last year, so we’ve ramped it up into a 2 person team tournament with the pits set up on the track near the rest of the action.
  • 10:15-11:47am || Blind Tractor Driving
    We’ve rigged up a new tractor setup and it’s gunnabe even better than last year! 1 tractor, 2 people, and a blindfold.
  • Noon-1:30pm || Paintball Obstacle Course
    In this 2 person show of redneckedness agility and marksmanship, one person will push their partner through the obstacle course in a wheel barrel, while before mentioned partner takes their best shot at designated targets. The team with the combination of the fastest time and most target hits wins.
  • 1:45-3:15 pm || Redneck Steeplechase
    4 member teams will show their skill at scaling hotwired fences, pushing dead cars, dragging incapacitated persons, goat herding, lost wedding ring retrieval, and round bale pushing as they weave their way through obstacles in the outdoor arena. As good as last year, but even better!
  • 3:30-5:00pm || Mud Surfing
    A long rope, a 4-wheeler, a truck, and lots and lots of mud! Contestants will be judged on style and anything else that might inspire celebrity judges to raise their scorecard with a big ol’ 10 on it. Held on the historic track in front of a full crowd, and like with all our events, color commentary by “The Voice of the Redneck Olympics,” Mr. Rodney McGowen. The Celebrity Judges will probably be somebody that gets plucked out of the crowd because they almost look important if you squint real hard..
  • 5:30-close || Award Ceremony
    Cash prizes + prestigious RCRO horseshoe trophies up for grabs, and new this year: Redneck Karaoke!
  • 6pm  || Routt County Cattlemen’s Association Wingding
    • Cattlemen’s FAMOUS Slow-cooked Top Round BBQ Beef
    • All the BBQ Trimmings
    • Tickets available On-site, Adults $20, Children (10 and younger) $10

All Day Events: The SKYBAR, Vendors, Kids events, Redneck Car Show…and more!

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